The California auto products liability attorneys auto products liability attorneys at BISNAR | CHASE have fought pretty much every large auto maker on behalf of injured clients. Joshua David Newman was one of those clients we were honored to represent. We took on Nissan Motor Co. when the seatbelt anchor of his Nissan Sentra ripped out and caused him serious personal injury. In Joshua’s case, he not only suffered a traumatic brain injury, but also ended up with a lifelong heart condition as a result of the car accident. Josh passed away last week after he collapsed while working out at the gym. His father, Keith Newman, was with him. Josh could not be revived.

I offer my deepest condolences to Keith and Charlotte Newman, who I know loved Josh with their whole heart. My heart goes out to the Newmans as well as Josh’s wife Lisa.

I just got back from Josh’s funeral today. I knew he was a very special person with an exceptional, loving heart. He never got angry at the hand life dealt him. He always kept a positive attitude, remained cheerful and looked forward. He fought back to recover from his serious injuries. He got his degree successfully despite the challenges. He got married, bought a new home and was all set to start a new job this month.

At Josh’s funeral service, I learned that my perceptions of him were no different than everyone else that Josh’s life touched. He was calm, kind, considerate and never got angry at anything or anyone. He was a loving person with a zest for life. He lived his life on his terms. I’m a better person for having known him and having him in my life.

I first met the Newmans after Josh’s accident. Josh was like a child after the accident. His traumatic brain injury left him with no short-term memory and having to relearn even basic skills such as feeding and clothing himself. In the last five years and eight months, Josh had come a long, long way. His road to recovery was not easy and his path to getting his life back to normal was challenging, to say the least.

We obtained a settlement from Nissan in Josh’s auto products liability claim. But, had it not been for that seatbelt defect, Josh would not have been rammed against the steering wheel. He would not have suffered the severe brain injuries and he would not have been left with that permanent heart condition, which apparently caused his death. Yes, we did successfully represent Josh. But I feel now that we should’ve done more to penalize and punish Nissan for manufacturing a defective product, which turned Josh’s life upside down. It not only affected him, but also the lives of his parents – Keith and Charlotte Newman – who cared about Joshua so deeply that they quit their jobs after his car accident to take care of him.

I applaud this young man’s courage and his will to succeed despite the severe setbacks he suffered. Josh’s life should serve as an inspiration to anyone who has suffered any personal injury, mishap or misfortune in life. He is certainly an inspiration to me. Rest in peace Josh.

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