Chrysler Group LLC has said it will conduct three auto defect recalls, which affect nearly 1.2 million pickup trucks that have a potentially faulty steering. According to a Detroit News report, the recall campaigns are targeting an estimated 453,000 vehicles with steering-system tie rods that may have been misaligned during assembly or steering-system service. One recall will inspect an estimated 842,400 model-year 2003-2008 Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks to find approximately 116,000 repaired with tie-rod assemblies that could become misaligned. This defect could lead to component fracture and steering loss.

Vehicles Involved in the Recall

Two other campaigns are being conducted to identify trucks known to have tie-rod assemblies linked to previous recalls. Vehicles included in these campaigns are: 294,000 model-year 2008-2012 Ram 2500 and 3500 pickups, chassis cabs and 2008 Ram 1500 4×4 Mega Cabs; plus 43,500 model-year 2008-2012 Ram 4500 and 5500 4×4 chassis cabs. So far Chrysler Group is aware of six accidents and two injuries involving model-year 2008 to 2012 2500 and 3500 trucks. When the recall begins, Chrysler will notify owners with instructions for making service appointments. A majority of the affected vehicles — about 968,000 — are in the United States and 157,000 are in Canada.

Dangerous Defects

There is no question that this is a dangerous defect that has the potential for serious injuries and fatalities. When the driver loses control of the steering, he or she may find it extremely difficult to regain control of the vehicle. In addition to causing injuries to the vehicle’s occupants, these types of defects could also harm passersby such as bicyclists or pedestrians.

If you have been injured as the result of dangerous or defective auto, it is important that you preserve the vehicle for a thorough inspection by a qualified expert. Although you may be tempted to repair your vehicle, that is not a good idea. In an auto product liability case, the vehicle is the most important piece of evidence. An experienced auto product liability lawyer will be able to advise injured victims or their families regarding their legal rights and options.