Honda has issued a vehicle defect recall for 646,000 of its Fit models worldwide of which more than 140,000 are in the United States. According to a Reuters news report, the problem involves the driver’s master power-window switch, which can overheat and cause a fire when it makes contact with “excessive liquid” such as heavy rain. So far, seven incidents have been reported in the United States. A similar incident involved a child who was killed in South Africa after a car caught fire. Honda officials believe that death may be related to the problem with the defective switch.

Officials say only 10 percent of the models will need new switches. In other vehicles, a water-tight skirt will be installed to keep the switch dry. Honda Fit owners affected by this recall can expect to receive a notice in the mail soon.

Auto Product Defect Recalls

Honda’s auto defect problems come in the wake of a massive Toyota recall for faulty gas pedals, which can cause sudden acceleration. Such unwanted acceleration in the vehicle could potentially result in serious car accidents. These faulty Honda switches also pose a serious danger and could lead to a car crash or severe burn injuries. Last year, Honda issued two recalls for its 2001 Civic and Accord models for possible airbag defects. According to a report in, the driver’s side airbag could produce excessive internal pressure and cause the inflator to burst.

A majority of these auto product defects are capable of causing catastrophic injuries or even, death to consumers. Apparently, Honda knew about the child’s death last year. I would be curious to find out why they waited so long to issue this recall. Similar questions as to why the manufacturer delayed the recall were also raised last year when Honda initially included only a few thousand vehicles for airbag defects, but later added 440,000 vehicles.

Auto Product Liability Issues

These stories remind us time and again that auto makers must be held responsible for the products they put in the market. Eventually, it is the consumer who pays a hefty price for the auto maker’s negligence or delays in getting accurate information out to consumers. I hope Toyota’s landmark recall will pave the way for a greater degree of corporate responsibility. If you have been injured as a result of these Honda or Toyota vehicle defects, you would be well-advised to contact a reputed personal injury lawyer who has successfully handled auto product liability lawsuits. The best auto product defect law firms will always offer free and comprehensive consultations to injured victims and their families.

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