November 19, 2012—Los Angeles, California—General Motors has announced that it will issue a recall for 15,575 of its cars to correct safety flaws according to a report by Yahoo News.  The vehicles at issue are 2,949 Buick Veranos, Chevrolet Cruzes, and Chevrolet Sonics, all 2012 models, and 12,626 Cadillaac XTS 2013 sedans.

The 2012 models have driver-side airbags that have been discovered to have problems deploying in a crash.  The 2013 Cadillacs have rear-seat head restraints that may not lock in position.  Both of this issues were deemed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to pose a risk to occupants of these vehicles during an accident.

All parts will be replaced by GM dealers free of charge.  So far, there have been no injuries associated with these recall issues.

How Often Do Car Manufacturers Recall Vehicles?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 600 vehicle recalls are issued each year.  However, the majority of these recalls do not deal with safety issues but with minor issues that will never really affect the owner of a car except possible by causing inconvenience.  For example, many recalls are issued over problems like radio knobs that tend to break or air conditioner systems that do not hold Freon.  When real safety issues exist, it is important that the manufacturers make every effort to contact all customers who own these vehicles and get the problems fixed.

Do Recalls Work?

Unfortunately, there are cars that have been sold to others by the time a safety issue becomes evident and those owners may never learn of the recall.  Other owners may have moved or had a change that puts them out of touch with the company; they also may not be aware that their safety is at stake when they do not comply with the terms of the recall and have their cars repaired.

Can I Collect Damages from Injuries Sustained in a Recalled Vehicle?

It is in your best interests to comply with a recall and have your vehicle repaired.  However, if for some reason you are injured in a car that has been recalled but not repaired, it does not necessarily negate your right to collect damages.

Victims of defective auto products are eligible to recover damages for the injuries they sustain from these products, and a personal injury attorney can help these victims recover compensation.