If you own a Lexus HS 250h luxury hybrid sedan, you should be concerned about the effects of rear-end collisions. This Lexus is known to leak gas from the fuel system when struck from behind. Toyota, Lexus’ parent company, is aware of this problem, but is not sure how to fix it. Just like the Ford Pinto of the 1970s, Lexus owners are furious that Toyota would sell vehicles to them, knowing that they could explode in even the smallest of fender benders.

Toyota has recalled over 8.5 million cars worldwide in the past year because of poorly designed cars. They have recalled everything from brakes to engine springs, to gas pedals. This Lexus recall is only one in hundreds of recalls that are currently underway at Toyota.

Toyota and Lexus claim to be family oriented companies that are devoted to customer safety. If that is true, then why do they blame their defective cars on parts manufacturers, suppliers, and loyal consumers? Toyota executives actually have the nerve to claim that the hundreds of thousands of cars recalled because of sticking accelerators was the fault of the supplier who sold them the defective pedals.

When that didn’t work, Toyota had a study conducted that showed the drivers were the ones at fault. Yes, Toyota actually wanted people to believe that thousands of drivers had the same inability to tell the gas pedal from the brake pedal.

If left to police themselves, Toyota will never fix the problems that plague their defective cars and SUVs. Litigation is the best way to get the company to see that consumers are smart and care about the quality of products they purchase for their families. If a food manufacturer put defective food onto store shelves, there would be public outrage. It’s high time that same outrage were directed toward Toyota’s executives who are clearly more concerned with churning out product on schedule than they are about public safety. See car safety defect litigation for more information.