Nimisha Emmanuel Gohil, a 38-year-old San Bernardino County prosecutor, died in an auto accident on Highway 71 the morning of February 17, 2009, the San Bernardino Sun reports in this article. Deputy District Attorney Gohil was traveling north on the highway near Euclid Avenue when her vehicle rear-ended a tow truck parked on the right shoulder.

Shortly before the accident two other vehicles had lost control because of the rain and struck a concrete median. Both vehicles were stopped on the right shoulder. A tow truck with its emergency lights was parked on the shoulder when Gohil lost control of her 2005 Toyota Sequoia and struck the left rear of the tow truck. Gohil was pronounced dead at the scene. A California Highway Patrol officer, who tried to get her out of the vehicle, was unsuccessful because the Toyota Sequoia was extensively damaged.

I offer my deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Nimisha Emmanuel Gohil for their tragic loss. Please keep them in your prayers.

According to California Highway Patrol’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Reporting System (SWITRS), there were two Chino Hills auto accident fatalities and 93 injuries involving traffic accidents in 2006. In San Bernardino as a whole, during the same period, 351 deaths and 10,842 injuries were associated with auto accidents.

Officials say rain played a part in this accident. But it is still not clear why Nimisha Gohil lost control of her Toyota Sequoia. It is possible that there was a dangerous condition on the roadway or a mechanical malfunction in the vehicle. If I were a family member, I would want to know if there were any auto product defects that may have spurred the malfunction and caused the crash.

In auto accident cases, it is also important to make sure that everything in the vehicle – from seatbelts to seatbacks and airbags – had worked the way they should have in the event of the crash. The important question is: Did the vehicle do everything it was supposed to do when the crash occurred? This can only be determined by an expert after carefully examining the crashed vehicle for product defects such as a seatbelt that broke or an airbag that failed to deploy.

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