California auto defect law firm, BISNAR | CHASE, has recently joined as co-counsel in the auto defect product liability case against Isuzu. The lawsuit was initially filed by leading Colorado automotive product liability lawyers from Gilbert, Ollanik & Komyatte, P.C.

The suit addresses an allegedly defective 2001 Isuzu Rodeo manufactured and sold by the defendants — Isuzu, its subsidiaries, and affiliates — which malfunctioned in a rollover accident and left Idaho residents, Stacey Schrock and Christina Monroe, with severe personal injuries.

Two Women Suffer Personal Injury in Rodeo Rollover Accident

On October 24, 2008, near Burley, Idaho, Stacey Schrock and Christina Monroe were traveling in a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo westbound on Interstate 84. They were properly restrained in the vehicle when it suddenly went out of control and careened toward the center freeway divider. The driver attempted to safely maneuver the vehicle, but was unable, and instead over-corrected the vehicle’s steering which led to the SUV skidding, rotating clockwise, and rolling over. During the rollover accident, the two women were ejected from the vehicle and experienced serious personal injuries, including brain injuries and paraplegia.

Rodeo Wrought with Various Defects

The lawsuit claims that the 2001 Isuzu Rodeo involved in the accident had numerous defects including: insufficient lateral roll stability to keep the vehicle upright during ordinary handling maneuvers, defective and unsafe seats that caused the victims to careen backwards and be ejected from the vehicle during the rollover, defective seatbelts which did not properly restrain the passengers and allowed their ejection, and the use of defective glass and glazing in the side and rear windows which gave way and further contributed to the passengers being thrown from the vehicle.

Simple Solution Could Have Prevented Accident

“Not only were the defendants aware the Isuzu Rodeo was defective and dangerous, they failed to fix the problems or warn the public about those problems,” said Brian Chase, partner at BISNAR | CHASE and co-counsel in the case. “Despite the availability of simple solutions that would fix these problems, the defendants chose to cut costs at the expense of human safety.”

Chase describes the various, well-known, and simple solutions to the auto defects that could have made this vehicle safer for its passengers. The solutions include laminated protective glazing to strengthen windows and prevent ejection, wider and stronger metal seats and seatbacks to prevent failure in accident, and an electronic stability control system to prevent rollover.

Chase further points out that these solutions are relatively cheap:
“For just a few hundred dollars, Isuzu could have corrected these problems yet it chose to advance its own pecuniary interests. As a result, two innocent women will suffer for the rest of their lives.”

The case is pending in the Orange County Superior Court of California, case # 30-2010-00419235.