Subaru has issued an auto defect recall for about 200,000 Legacy and Outback all-wheel-drive vehicles in the United States because the brake lines in these vehicles can rust and leak fluid. According to an Associated Press news report, the recall affects cars from the 2005 through 2009 model years sold in 20 states and Washington D.C. where salt is used to clear roads in the winter.

Subaru filed documents with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) stating that salty water can cause the brake lines in these vehicles to rust and leak. If fluid leaks, it could take longer for drivers to stop the cars thereby increasing the risk of a crash.

Recall and Repairs

A spokesman for Subaru stated that the problem was discovered during internal testing and that no related crashes or injuries have been reported. Owners of these vehicles are asked to take them to a Subaru dealer for inspections. The vehicles involved in this recall were made between December 2003 and April 2009. Although the company sold more than 400,000 Legacy and Outback vehicles during the affected years, Subaru estimates that only 200,000 are covered by this recall.

When the recall begins, Subaru dealers will check the cars for leaks. If leaks are found, then dealers will replace the brake lines at no cost to consumers. If there are no leaks, mechanics will apply an anti-corrosion wax as a preventive measure.

Used Car Buyers Beware!

When a car has braking problems, there is the potential for serious injury crashes. In this particular case, Subaru officials say that the defective brakes can cause longer stopping distances. This could put not only the vehicle’s occupants at risk, but also others on the roadway such as pedestrians and bicyclists. This also appears to be a recall limited to 20 states. These types of recalls are problematic because car sales often occur across state borders.

If you are getting ready to buy a used car, please be sure to check NHTSA’s website, to find out if the vehicle you are about to buy has been recalled. It is absolutely worth it to take this time to do the research when it comes to the car you’ll be driving. If you have been injured in a crash involving a recalled vehicle, please preserve the vehicle so it can be examined by an expert thoroughly for defects and malfunctions. An experienced auto product liability lawyer will be able to advise victims and their families in such cases regarding their legal rights and options.