Volvo will issue a vehicle defect recall for about 8,438 of its 2010 XC60 SUVs because of a problem that could cause the seatbelt to become detached from the seat frame during a side impact crash. According to a report in Left Lane News, the problem was discovered during crash testing. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which released a report on the problem, stated that the driver’s seat side cover panel or seat control panel in certain driver-side collisions may cause the seatbelt to detach.

Seatbelt Defects Lead to Vehicle Recall

This basically means that the seatbelt may fail to properly restrain the vehicle’s occupants in the event of the crash, increasing the risk of personal injury or death. The recall, scheduled to begin December 15, calls for dealers to modify the inside of the driver-side cover panel to eliminate the potential for an unintended release of the seatbelt restraint.

Seatbelt defects can be disastrous in the event of a car accident. It could cause major injuries or even death in a high speed crash or rollover accident. Such a defective seatbelt will do nothing to protect the occupants of a vehicle during car accidents. I’m pleased to note that Volvo is recalling these SUVs before an innocent life is lost or destroyed as a result of catastrophic injuries.

Seatbelt Failure Can Be Catastrophic

There are many ways in which a seatbelt system can fail. This is particularly true of rollover accidents and SUVs, more than any other vehicle, have the propensity to roll over even at normal speeds. As personal injury lawyers who have represented numerous clients in seatbelt failure auto product liability lawsuits, we know that seatbelt mounts, buckles, webbing and grabbers can fail during a car accident as well. BISNAR | CHASE has, in the past, uncovered internal auto manufacturer documents that show auto makers had knowledge of these seatbelt defects, but allowed them to exist. We’ve settled a number of cases with car makers where we alleged that their defective seatbelt or restraint system caused catastrophic injuries to out clients.

It’s extremely important for the makers of these vehicles to acknowledge the defects in them and fix them promptly so that unsuspecting consumers are not forced to bear the devastating consequences of these product defects. I’m glad that Volvo has done exactly that with this recall.