In Gwinenett County, Ga, a family finally received a bit of justice after a jury awarded them $9.85 million after their 2-year-old child drowned in a pool at a day care facility in Buford. Swimming pool accidents happen all the time, but those are usually due to defective products. This was negligence of the worst kind.

For a child to mistakenly slip into a swimming pool and drown in beyond inexcusable. There is literally no defense for being so careless. What many people don’t know is that there are several complex matters when it comes to a wrongful death case and legal consultation is highly recommended. Wrongful death attorneys can navigate through the difficulties of your case so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Reports of these types of wrongful deaths happen in day care facilities and nursing homes on a daily basis. While it seems uncommon, it’s certainly an everlasting problem. Taking legal action and finding justice can assure these types of accidents don’t happen as often, and hopefully one day, not at all. The official findings of this incident are just devastating.

The AP Reports:

“The child’s parents, Kemi Green and Gbolohan Bankolemoh, enrolled their child, Abiola in a daycare run by Tanya and Shawn Moon. Attorneys for the parents said the Moons falsely claimed their operation was licensed. Tanya Moon’s father, Terry Moon, was also named a defendant in the lawsuit.

Plaintiffs’ attorneys Jeffrey R. Harris and J. Alan Cleveland argued that while Abiola was left unattended, he fell into a pool and drowned on March 19, 2009.

Gwinnett County police said Tanya Moon found Abiola lying at the bottom of the pool after being told by another child that Abiola had gone outside.”

As you can see, negligence is the reason this award was given by the jury. To have your 2-year-old child taken from you because somebody wasn’t qualified to care for them is absurd. One can only hope this never happens again, and the Moons have learned their lesson.

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