Grand World Inc., a New York-based importer, has issued a defective product recall for about 641,000 pacifiers that fail to meet federal safety standards and could pose a choking hazard to infants. According to a consumer safety alert issued by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the recall involves the Bobby Chupete brand pacifiers, which have a ring-shaped handle and a heart-shaped mouth guard with two ventilation holes. The nipple is made of latex. Federal officials say the mouth guard on these pacifiers, which were manufactured in China, is too small, posing a choking hazard to young children who use them.

Product Defects Pose Danger to Children

The pacifiers involved in this recall have a picture of an infant printed on the product’s packaging. They were sold in aqua, red, white or yellow colors at various retail outlets nationwide from November 2004 through July 2009 for about $1. Consumers who bought these defective pacifiers are asked to stop using them right away and contact Grand World for a refund or replacement pacifier.

It’s shocking that a U.S. distributor of children’s products would not be aware of a federal regulation, which requires these pacifiers to be manufactured with mouth guards that are a certain size so that children do not choke on the pacifiers. The problem of American distributors importing from countries such as China and failing to make sure that the products meet federal regulations has resulted in numerous product safety recalls. These products have caused a number of serious personal injuries and deaths. Children’s products in particular have been the target of such defective product recalls — lead-tainted toys, defective cribs and bassinets, strollers, clothing — the list goes on and on.

Liability Issues With Defective Products

The manufacturers of these dangerous and defective products and the companies that import and distribute them to the American public must be held responsible for their negligence and lack of regard for the safety and well-being of those who place trust in their products. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a defective product, please contact experienced personal injury attorneys, who can help better explain your legal rights and options and hold these companies accountable for their wrongdoing.