babyA new report, released by safety advocacy group Kids in Danger (KID), states that child product safety recalls have a dismal record of 10 percent.

According to a USA Today report, it typically takes 13 reports of design flaws and at least two injuries to recall defective products.

Most parents do not hear or learn about product recalls until years after they occur or until their own children get injured.

The Need for Increased Recall Awareness

The report gives the example of Raedyn Grasseth, an emergency medical technician, whose 10-month-old daughter was strangled to death in her own crib.

Soon after her baby’s death, Grasseth learned that the company that made the crib had recalled it five years earlier. She had no idea about that recall. Grasseth advocates through KID, an organization dedicated to children’s safety and recall awareness.

The problem is that children’s product companies and regulators wait too long to recall products. This practice has contributed directly to the death of numerous children. Product recalls particularly highlighted by the KID report include unstable dressers, the Nap Nanny infant recliner and baby monitor power cords.

Last year, federal regulators and the manufacturer of Nap Nanny recalled all recliners after five deaths and 92 incidents of infants hanging or falling out of the products. In addition to the recalls coming in late, companies do not make added efforts to publicize the recall through social media and other means.

How Can You Learn about Recalls

If you are a parent or caregiver, do not depend on manufacturers to tell you about their defective products. There are many ways in which you can find out for yourself.

First, search the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) web site ( for recalls by product types. For example, a search for strollers would list all recalled strollers. This search function is also good to use if you buy a used product.

For example if you are going to use a portable crib you got at a garage sale, enter “portable cribs” into the search function to check if that product has been recalled.

You can also search for a product by manufacturer to check that company’s safety history. For example if you were considering several manufacturers for a baby swing, checking each manufacturer’s list of recalls will give you a good idea if their swings are reliable and safe, or if they are often recalled.

If you prefer to search for recalls over the phone, call CPSC at 800-638-CPSC and ask the operator if your products have been recalled. As product defect lawyers who represent families of injured victims, we strongly recommend that you do not take a chance when it comes to your child’s health and safety.