Last week, The FDA removed the dangerous and sometimes-deadly prescription painkiller propoxyphene (sold under the brand names Darvon and Darvocet in the US) from the market as well as its generic surrogates. However, the delay in pulling the drug from the market may have caused several deaths. For 50 years now the medicial community has been concerned with this drug. Not only is propoxyphene highly addictive and can be toxic even at low levels, it’s not a very effective painkiller. It is a highly defective drug

UK Bans Drug, US Waits Too Long

Abnormal heartbeats and thousands of deaths have been attributed to the drug, and in 2005, Great Britain banned the drug completely. In 2009, the European Union banned the drug as well. However, it took until just last week for the United States to ban this destructive medication. In doing so, thousands lost their life, and died unjustly.

Not Enough Action

Most people believe this ban is long overdue. The FDA said they needed more time to research the drug’s success rate and safety, and said the recommended dose caused, “significant changes to the electrical activity of the heart,” which can, “increase the risk for serious abnormal heart rhythms that have been linked to serious adverse effects, including sudden death.” Back in 1978 the consumer group Public Citizen first petitioned U.S. regulators to remove the drug from the market. Given the body of evidence, the 30-year old questions about propoxyphene, and the U.K.’s and European Union’s decisions to ban the drug, you have to wonder: why did it take so long to ban the drug here?

The drug was approved 53 years ago, and the FDA has just now found the drug unsafe, and even taking the proper dosage can cause sudden death.

What to Do if You Have Been Affected

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