Lawyers for a former Medtronic employee filed a lawsuit accusing the company of placing a crony at the head of an influential spinal surgery journal in order to drum up business by spreading positive and premature information about Medtronic’s InFUSE bone graft.

Whistleblower Warned Medtronic InFUSE Bone Graft Improperly Advertised

The whistleblower former Medtronic employee accused a doctor on Medtronic’s payroll of improperly endorsing the medical device. The doctor named in the lawsuit designed the cage used as part of the InFUSE Bone Graft and was paid for each surgery performed. The doctor allegedly swayed articles in the journal to promote the benefits of Medtronic’s InFUSE Bone Graft and increase sales and, in turn, the doctor’s income from royalties on the device.

Off-Label Use of Medtronic InFUSE Implant Advocated by Crony Journal Editor

Medical malpractice lawyers and personal injury lawyers for the whistleblower also argue that the doctor advocated off-label use of Medtronic InFUSE Bone Graft. Back surgery procedures approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) were only a part of the total surgeries using the bone graft.

d’Oliveira & Associates does not represent the whistleblower in the above lawsuit.

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