San Diego County Fatal SUV Rollover Accident On I-5

Leslie Sheila Foster, 67, was killed in an Oceanside SUV rollover crash after the sport utility vehicle in which she was a passenger was struck by another vehicle on the Interstate 5. According to an article in the San Diego Union-Tribune, Foster and her husband were driving back from Orange County the night of March 22, 2009 when their Toyota RAV4 was struck by a Chrysler PT Cruiser just north of Oceanside. The RAV4 skidded on impact, veered off the highway and rolled over. Foster’s husband escaped with minor injuries in the rollover accident, but Leslie Foster died before she could be taken to a hospital.

The driver of the PT Cruiser, identified as a 43-year-old man was uninjured. California Highway Patrol officials say drugs or alcohol were not involved in this San Diego rollover crash. But the driver was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor manslaughter. Officials say he was driving recklessly and drifted into the Toyota’s lane.

My heart goes out to the family and friends of Leslie Sheila Foster for their tragic loss. I’m relieved that her husband escaped this horrific rollover crash with minor injuries. I wish him the very best for a physical and emotional recovery. I offer my deepest condolences to him and everybody who knew and loved Leslie Foster. Please keep them in your prayers

If this news report is accurate, the driver of the PT Cruiser was at fault for this fatal SUV rollover crash. It seems that this person was driving recklessly and not paying attention to the traffic. He should be held both civilly and criminally responsible for this tragic accident.

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